Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dusting this place off and kicking the vagabonds out

Man this place is filthy. I haven't touched it in a year and half or so. So why now? I dunno. I feel like it. Maybe I need an outlet to think and write to this will be it. Read at your own risk.

Music: Why is it any album I find that I really want is never out right then? Case in point: Two Steps From Hell. I love this group. Two guys who make epic music for movie trailers. Sadly much of their stuff isn't released to the public, but what they do release I listed too constantly. Right now I'm listening to the music off a Youtube video that features some music from their forthcoming public album, Skyworld.

The video is pretty good too, nicely edited together, but its the music that I want. If you'd like to hear more of their music including some that isn't on public release albums, check out this Youtube video.

And since I'm posting music videos here is one that I find absolutely fascinating to watch. It just gets crazier as the video goes.

Video Gaming: Umm... Borderlands 2. Or how to utterly consume all my free time when the kids are asleep. What can I say, if you liked the first you've already bought the second and have been playing it a lot the last few weeks. For those that never played Borderlands I have only one thing to ask, "What is Wrong With You?"

Miniature Gaming: So I have begun my quest to build myself a Necron army. It'll be a little slow going, but I'm doing it. My first wave of models to get me to 1000 points is on its way right now. I can't wait to get started on them. I intend to post up pictures of my modeling and painting progress as I go. I haven't my models yet to start figuring out a paint scheme, but I'm mulling over using grey, rust red, and off-white. While I've planned out my first 1000 points I'm struggling trying to decide what to get next to take me to 1500 points. So many good options...

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